The digitisation of our world, the technological innovation and the reforms in the legislation have led to the transformation of the personal data protection into an increasingly up-to-date and rapidly changing area. The personal data protection is not limited to achieving compliance with the law. It also requires a change in the culture of the corporate environment and society as a whole. The introduction and the imposition of a cultural change is a long process for which knowledge, perseverance, a desire for improvement and a desire for development are not only needed but also essential.

Recognizing the importance of this area, we decided to combine our diverse expertise and experience and found the Data Protection Association. The Association is a non-governmental organization that brings together experts from different professional areas in the field of personal data protection, who have set out to develop, promote and validate the basic principles, successful models and good practices for the personal data protection, to unite and actively support other experts in the field, to create a corporate community of responsible companies, to raise public awareness on this important topic as well as to encourage people to exercise their rights. The Association also cooperates with other established organizations in the field.

Thanks to our experience and partnerships, we strengthen the role of the Association as a consolidated source of knowledge, good practice and professional expertise. As well as helping national data protection experts, we also serve as a resource center for companies that wish to comply both with the legislation and the new business decisions. Good professionals need responsible companies and vice versa. That’s why we created our two communities – expert and corporate. We work very hard and dedicated to supply each of them with the necessary resources.

Experts from our professional community are given the opportunity to discuss through forums, conferences, workshops and other similar, up-to-date issues and novelties in the field, improve their expertise and find inspiration on how to lead the cultural transformation of the corporate and digital world.

The participation in our corporate community shows the responsibility which companies are taking in handling the personal data protection as well as their understanding of the importance and the value of the data subjects` rights. In this strictly but dynamically regulated environment, it is essential for companies to have the certainty that the organisational and technical measures taken to protect personal data are referring to the correct application of the law and the practice of the supervisors.

We appreciate and realize the importance of a constant dialogue between the public and private sectors and strive to be active participants.