Knowing the law is just one thing. Implementing it in practice is an entirely different one, it is the real challenge.

We have created our Expert Community driven by the ambition to be of benefit to both the experienced personal data protection experts as well as those interested in gaining more knowledge and experience. It includes an Open Community and a Professional Community of Experts.

Anyone wishing to keep up with the general information regarding personal data protection on a higher level and to be a volunteer in the various campaigns and events organized by the Association can be a participant in the Open Community. The participants in the Open Community are granted the access to our resources with free access.

The Professional Community of Experts brings together experts with various professional backgrounds who are involved in the processing and protection of personal data processes, including but not limited to data protection officers, managers, information security specialists, lawyers and other representatives of the legal professions, accountants, marketing specialists, human resource management specialists, IT specialists, etc.

Participating in our Expert Community enables you to connect with colleagues who have similar problems, to find support and inspiration, to develop and build up your knowledge and skills, to share your experience with others like you, to be informed about the current development and the innovations in the privacy profession and to participate in its very evolution.

The good professional is a key figure for any organisation that strives for complying with the requirement of the legislation as well as the latest trends in the field of personal data protection. Professionalism implies the possession of broad expertise, thus combining both the legal and the IT knowledge with a deeper understanding of the organisational and business processes, good communication skills and the ability to resolve disputes.

This applies even more for the Data Protection Officers (DPOs) mandatory figure in specific cases by the GDPR. The aim of the Association is to encourage and support the DPOs and all the other experts to develop the privacy profession, to lead the future transformations and reforms and to create and promote the best professional standards.

Participation in the Professional Community of Experts is paid and will provide you with a rich set of tools and resources to keep you informed and prepared for the changes and the new requirements.

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