GDPR marks the start of a new era in the field of personal data protection.

An important added value of the GDPR is the establishment of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a key figure for the organisations. The DPOs are professionals whose functions are of an essential importance. This is why the DPOs are given a special status by the Regulation. The said special status provides the DPOs with the right to report directly to the senior management, to receive no instructions in connection with the execution of the tasks given as well not to be dismissed or sanctioned by the data controller or the data processor in carrying out their tasks, etc. The introduction of the DPOs  requires a change in the culture of each organisation not only in regard with the personal data protection but also in the overall understanding of corporate responsibility.

Data Protection Association defines as its mission the establishment of the status of the personal data protection professionals by building an expert community, asserting their place, their role and importance in society and working for their value by increasing their competence, creating professional and ethical standards, building a network of cooperation and mutual assistance, and supporting the career development. Thanks to its experience and partnerships with national and international organisations, the Association establishes its role as a consolidated source of knowledge, good practices and professional expertise and provides the connection between experts from Bulgaria and abroad.

Join our growing Professional Community, where you will be able to contact colleagues who have similar problems and solve them together, find inspiration and support to carry out your tasks as a DPO, you will be a direct participant in the reforms and the future development of one of the most important and promising professions.

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