The latest international researches state that only 15% of the people believe they have full control over the information they share on the web. Such mistrust stops the progress of the economy in today’s digital world. Therefore, gaining and improving the consumers’ trust is essential and this is the main aim of the new rules on the personal data protection and the enhanced rights of data subjects, presented with the GDPR.

The role of the Data Protection Officer in GDPR is a key element in the process of gaining the consumers’ trust and confidence.

Additionally, every expert realizes that the enhanced scope and requirements of the new regulations can be of a great challenge for the data controllers and data processors. These challenges can be of a different nature and cause, but for every organisation the consumers’ feelings that their rights are violated could be crucial.

That is why it is important to maintain a dialogue between data subjects and organizations even at moments of misunderstanding.

The introduction of good practices and the exploration of the available means for alternative dispute resolution between countries is a new project of the Association. Through that initiative, the Association is working on the integration of these tools into the practice of the GDPR implementation both by the private and the public sectors.


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