Recommended for

Companies/ organizations which already have an internal DPO – state institutions, municipalities, hospitals, real estate agencies, large companies, technological companies, other companies/ organizations which have already appointed an internal DPO.

Key benefits

Provides greater confidence in the company’s/ organization’s management of the correctness of the decisions taken regarding the processing of personal data and reduces the risk of omissions and errors. Rapid interference and provision of a second independent opinion from a qualified expert. Saves time for your internal DPO.

BGN 1400 (excl. VAT) – one-off annual price

The service provides assistance to your internal DPO by providing trainings, guidance, review of documentation and feedback from our experts. Through the awareness campaign your internal DPO will manage to fulfill in a better way his/her duties to train your employees in the field of data protection.

Activities included in the price

  • Initial or follow-up training for your DPO (general or specific, depending on the case) – 4 hours;
  • Provision of regular information about legislative changes and good practices in the field of personal data protection;
  • Awareness campaign for the employees performed on a monthly basis through short presentations, e-mails, reminders;
  • Provision (on demand) of templates of documents – policies/procedures, registers, etc.;
  • Obligation to provide the assigned additional activities (opinions, standpoints) within short terms (as defined in the contract).

Additional activities

Giving advises, opinions, standpoints, review of documentation, preparation of replies to institutions, preparation of responses to individuals, assistance with different assessments, opinions on specific issues, assistance in complying with privacy-by-design principle of data protection, periodic monitoring of compliance, tailor made training of the staff of the company, etc. Performed upon assignment at a price of BGN 80 per hour (excl. VAT).

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