Recommended for

Companies/ organizations which do not have their own internal employee/ s trained in the area  or financial resources for the employment of such – online stores, schools, kindergartens, hotels, non-profit legal entities, distribution companies, manufacturing and construction companies employing over 250 employees, stores (chains) for the sale of goods, other companies/ organizations for which appointing a DPO is mandatory or want to appoint one voluntarily.

Key benefits

By choosing this proposal, companies/ organizations save expenses for insurance, training and other expenses associated with appointing of an internal employee. At the same time, through the outsourcing of the position, the company/ organization will have access to a team of highly trained experts with a wide range of expertise.

BGN 1200 (excl. VAT) – one-off annual price

The outsourcing of the service to an external expert and choosing DPO Basic Package will provide the company/ organization with a qualified DPO available throughout the entire period of the contract, as well as with the following activities in order to support its compliance with the legislation.

Activities included in the price

  • Provision of an external DPO as a contact person for the data subjects;
  • Provision of an external DPO as a contact person for the supervisory authority;
  • Provision (on demand) of templates of documents – policies/ procedures, registers, etc.;
  • Provision of regular information about legislative changes and good practices;
  • Awareness campaign for the employees performed on a monthly basis through short presentations, e-mails, reminders.

Additional activities

If necessary and in case that other ongoing issues arise outside the scope of the above-described activities, the company/ organization can receive assistance and qualified help at a reasonable price based on the specific need and assignment, which will reduce its costs significantly.

The assigned additional activities are provided within a short timeframe (as agreed in the contract) and at a price of BGN 80 per hour (excl. VAT).

Such additional activities are (for example, but not limited to): review of documentation, preparation of agreements, preparation of replies to institutions, preparation of responses to individuals, assistance with different assessments, opinions on specific issues, assistance in complying with privacy-by-design principle of data protection, periodic monitoring of compliance, tailor made training of the staff of the company, etc.

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