IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2021 (Brussels)

One of the most important events in the field of personal data protection and confidentiality took place on the 17th and the 18th of November, 2021, in Brussels. The congress, organized by the most authoritative international association of experts in the field – IAPP, brought together internationally recognized experts from both the private and public sectors. The event was the 10th annual gathering of the biggest Data Protection Conference in Europe. The congress was attended by key figures such as the Irish Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon and the always inspiring Bojana Bellamy (President of the Center for Information Policy Leadership).

Topics discussed at the congress included data transfer challenges and practices, the Schrems II case, data marketing and the ongoing development of the GDPR. Of course, the proposed new regulation on artificial intelligence and its points of contact with confidentiality as a basic human right also found a wide place. The aim of the European approach to artificial intelligence is to ensure that all improvements in artificial intelligence are based on rules that ensure the functioning of markets and the public sector, as well as safety and fundamental human rights.

Julia Prigoncha, the Chairman of the Data Protection Association’s Board, attended the congress in Brussels on behalf of the Association (DPA). During the event there was also a special meeting of “Leading Women in the Field of Privacy” of which Ms. Prigoncha is a member. “An exciting and inspiring event! The challenges in this dynamic and increasingly globally connected field are many and certainly only the pooling of experts from different jurisdictions can contribute to their effective solution. At the same time, it is good to see that the local expertise does not yield in depth to the global one “– Julia Prigoncha said regarding the IAPP congress.

During the congress, Ms. Prigoncha also attended a VIP lunch with Mr. Blake Brannon, Chief Strategy Officer at OneTrust. OneTrust is the most recognizable and used software for automating compliance. Nowadays, when new data, new hypotheses and business need to process data in a new way for new purposes appear every day, automation of compliance is a key aspect for a company to keep up with the requirements and new technologies.

Pictures from the IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2021 can be seen below: